PAC Instrumentation

Program Assessment Committee (PAC)

Name of the Chairman

Dr. B. J. Parvat

HOD- Instrumentation & Control System

Name of the  Program Coordinator

1. Dr.A.K.Patil

IQAC Member

Mr. Yogesh P Patil

Module Coordinator




4.Mr. V.A.Ahirrao

Members from other Dept.

1. Mr. Arvind Mesharam – E & TC Engineering Dept.

2. Mr. Pritesh Aher – Civil Engineering Department.


Roles and responsibilities:

The roles and responsibilities of PAC are as follows.

  • Monitoring the achievements of Program Outcomes (POs), Program Specific Outcomes (PSOs) and Program
    Educational Objectives (PEOs).
  • Evaluating program effectiveness and proposing necessary changes.
  • Preparing periodic reports on program activities, progress, status or other special reports for management.
  • Motivating the faculty and students towards attending workshops, developing projects, working models, paper publications and engaging in research activities.
  • Interacting with students facilitating the achievement of POs, PSOs and PEOs.