Cultural Club

Club Coordinator: Dr. A. A. Kapse


Objectives of Club:

  1. To encourage budding talent of students and develop their creative skills
  2. To provide platform to showcase talents in various fields like dancing, singing, acting etc.
  3. To organize various cultural competitions like art gallery, rangoli, annual functions etc.
  4. Prepare students for future in life in terms of skills, behavior, knowledge, respect of others.


         1. Annual Prize Distribution Ceremony (Fusion)

  1. Institute organizes Gathering and Prize distribution Ceremony every year. It is a three day event in which first two and half days are reserved for various cultural activities like art gallery, singing competition, dance competition, drama competition, fashion show etc. On the  second half of the last day, prize distribution ceremony is arranged. Prizes are given for various achievements in academics, sports, cultural events, art gallery etc. 

  2. 2. Ganesh Festival

  3. Institute celebrates “Ganesh Festival” every year. All activities related to festival are organized and coordinated by students. During this festival, green environment awareness activities like “Shadoo Mati Murti Workshop”, “Ganesh Murti Sankalan” etc. are conducted.


  1. 3.Reconnect 2021 (Cultural Event)
  2. Reconnect 2021 cultural event was organized on 25th and 26th November 2021. Singing and Dance Competitions were held during the event. Total 15 teams participated in the event. The event was held in the Civil Engineering Seminar Hall.


  1. 4. “Azaaadi Ka Amrut Mahotsav” (75th Anniversary of Independence of India):
  2. Institute organized a cultural program on patriotic themes as a part of celebration of “Azaadi Ka Amrut Mahotsav (75th Anniversary of Independence of India) on 15th August 2022. 12 students have participated in cultural events and a team of 25 students worked together for decoration and organization of the event.

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