Literature Club

Literature Club
Club Co-ordinator: Mr. M. B. Chavan
Contact: 7588556425


Designation Name Department/Branch
Club Staff  Coordinator Mr. M. B. Chavan Librarian, Central Library
Student Member Neha Ravindra Bagul TE, Information Technology
Student Member Gayatri Sanjay Jadhav TE, E & T  C
Student Member Vivek Ramesh Zade TE, Mechanical Engg.
Student Member Yash Ringe TE Computer Engineering
Student Member Riya Bagul BE, Civil Engineering
Student Member Yogita Dilip Bhambare SE, Civil Engineering
Student Member Pranjal Suresh Daine SE, Information Technology


  1. To enhance activities such as other than curricular books in the library for readings such as Novels, Stories, and Competitive Exam Books.
  2. To enhance their thought and speech through group discussion and interactive sessions.
  3. To improve the reading habit and review of books and other reading materials.
  4. To encourage the students skills for creative writing and expressions.


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