Research Committee


The institute has constituted a research committee for promotion and monitoring of research and development activities.
The objectives of the committee are as follows :
Objectives of Research Committee
  •   To create a conducive environment for promotion of Research & Innovation activities in the institute.
  •   To ensure smooth functioning and effective Management of Research & Innovation activities at the institute.
  •   To facilitate the process of proposal submissions for availing the funding from different funding agencies.
  •   To promote research in various departments of the institute.
  •   To strengthen industry – institute interaction by promoting consultancy, testing and need based research & innovation activities in the institute
Sr. No. Name Committee Designation Position Contact number
1 Dr. S.R.Devane Chairperson Principal 90820 28641
2 Prof. N.B.Desale Co-Chairperson Vice Principal 9881026946
3 Dr. S.B.Sonawane Secretary Associate Professor & Dean (R&D) 9167004398
4 Dr. V.C.Shewale Member HOD Mechanical 98601 90034
5 Dr. D.V.Medhane Member HOD Computer 88888 32400
6 Dr. B.J.Parvat Member HOD Instrumentation & Control 99221 70663
7 Dr. V.M.Birari Member HOD E&Tc 98902 84433
8 Dr. V.R.Sonawane Member HOD IT 75880 25179
9 Dr. P.D.Nemade Member HOD Civil 94239 75240
10 Dr. D.T.Khairnar Member HOD MBA 94225 32749