About SAP

SAP (Systems, Applications and Products in Data Processing) is a German multinational software company founded in 1972. It is the world leader in enterprise software and software-related services. SAP provides enterprise application software to organizations. It has a varied customer base of more than 253,000 customers.

SAP’s dedication to innovation and its aim to recruit new generations of talent with fresh ideas and perspectives ensures that it offers a wide range of vocational training and graduate programs. Individuals with SAP skill sets are valuable assets, and are in continual demand.

SAP Education at KBT COE

Maratha Vidya Prasarak Samaj along with SAP India Education have partnered together to deliver quality SAP education at MVP College of Engineering.

With the changing demands of the industry for ready to deploy candidates, MVP will now be offering the globally acclaimed and accepted SAP certification to its students leading to better understanding and knowledge of SAP solutions & business process, ability to harness the power of SAP software for customers, adding valuable knowledge in specific areas, access the same curriculum that one would at a SAP academy.

SAP Committee

Sr. No Name Designation
1 Mr. Mahesh Chaudhari SAP coordinator
2 Mr. Vineet Deore TPO
3 Mr.Vinayak Raundal SAP Co-coordinator

Placed students through SAP

Sr. No Name Module Company Package
1 Miss. Jineesha Shah SAP Sales & Distribution (SD) KPMG 6.3LPA
2 Mr. Suraj Gaikwad SAP Production Planning (PP) Cognizant 6.15 LPA
3 Mr. Prasad Gholap SAP Materials Management (MM) Cognizant 6.15 LPA
4 Miss. Archana Ambekar SAP Production Planning (PP) Cognizant 3.8 LPA
5 Mr. Rohit Wagh SAP Production Planning (PP) Eborn 5 LPA
6 Miss. Rupali Donde SAP Sales & Distribution (SD) Saint Gobain 4.5 LPA
7 Mr. Amol Kandekar SAP Materials Management (MM) T Systems 4 LPA
8 Mr. Ashwin Ninawe SAP Materials Management (MM) Capgemini 3.8 LPA
9 Miss. Amruta Bodke SAP Materials Management (MM) Capgemini 3.8 LPA
10 Miss. Piyusha Sunil Barve SAP Financial Accounting (FI) Capgemini 3.8 LPA
11 Miss. Ashwini Ramesh Aware SAP Materials Management (MM) Capgemini 3.8 LPA
12 Miss. Shirsat Snehal Madhukar SAP Materials Management (MM) Capgemini 3.8 LPA
13 Mr. Prashant Sonawane SAP ABAP TCS 3.8 LPA
14 Mr. Vivek Patil SAP ABAP Volkswagen 3.4 LPA
15 Miss. Nikita Gunagi SAP ABAP Volkswagen 3.4 LPA
16 Mr. Yogesh Thete SAP Production Planning (PP) HCL 3.4 LPA
17 Mr. Roshan Suryawanshi SAP Sales & Distribution (SD) Capgemini 3.4 LPA
18 Mr. Hrishikesh Maind SAP Materials Management (MM) Capgemini 3.4 LPA
19 Miss. Himanshi Doshi SAP Sales & Distribution (SD) Capgemini 3.4 LPA
20 Mr. Ishan Burkule SAP Sales & Distribution (SD) Capgemini 3.4 LPA