Techno Club

Club Co-ordinator: Mrs. B. A. Ahire



The motto of the techno club is to be a leading student organization providing a well-coordinated support hub for its members to engage, explore and evolve as responsible professionals with creative and innovative mind to contribute to national socio-economic development. In addition to their own education, Club members strive to educate the masses on the use of technology. This club organizes a mix of social, competitive, and informative events throughout the year. It organizes various events including robotics, hacking, coding, quizzes, group discussions, poster making, etc. to develop and experiment creativity among the students and help them energize and freshen their minds amidst the academic overload.

2.Google form Link for Registration:

3.Planned Club Activities

  • The one-day event including coding competition, quizzes, group discussions, poster making, etc.
  • Paper presentation activity to showcase the technical talent amongst students.