Astronomy Club

Club Coordinator: Mr. D. N. Nathe


Objectives of Club:

  1. The Astronomy club, an ambitious team driven by amateur Astronomers, has managed to up skill the student’s interest in the science of Astronomy.
  2. The club strives to quench a student’s thirst for astronomy by organizing various exciting events such as a fun-filled night of stargazing, Planetarium visits, a quiz to test people’s knowledge on everything, Telescope handling sessions, and many more.
  3. Public outreach sessions for underprivileged children and school children to introduce them to Astronomy basics.
  4. Club conducts discussions and brainstorming sessions, wherein members explore their knowledge about astronomy.


  1. Sky Gazing session.
  2. Live in the other planet.
  3. Quiz
  4. Visit to Observatory/Science Centre.
  5. Guest Lecture on interesting astronomical topics.
  6. Telescope Building competition.
  7. Public outreach programs.

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