Green Campus Policy

Green Campus Policy


Green campus initiative tends to adopt environment and eco-friendly practices and education to promote sustainability in the campus. It offers an opportunity to take lead in redefining environmental culture to develop new paradigm by creating sustainable solutions which are harmless to environment and human being. It is all about to prefer nonconventional and renewable resources and refuse to use conventional resources. The green campus initiative also includes proper handling, disposal and effective recycling of waste, harvesting and saving water, purchasing of environment friendly, power saving equipments. It needs strategies and planning to implement green campus initiatives at the institute. The institute is shouldering a social responsibility of conservation of natural resources and accelerating the sustainability and environmental protection by implementing tangible initiatives for green campus at KBT COE.


1.Develop an awareness of and encourage an interest in the natural environment among its members/students and the community through meetings, talks, workshops, study groups, field trips, NSS camp and tree plantation.

2. Encourage the understanding of the environment among its members, students and the community by undertaking or supporting projects under the green campus.

3. Promote the establishment and maintenance of natural areas and nature reserves, conserve and protect species, communities and other natural features of interest, by study, investigation or management.

Foremost Green Campus Initiatives at KBTCOE

  • Rainwater Harvesting

  • Waste water treatment by ABR

  • Composting of food waste

  • Vermicomposting of organic matter

  • Segregation of degradable and non-degradable solid waste

  • Utilization of solar power

  • Utilization of concrete material leftover after testing

  • Use of LED lamps and tube lights

  • Digital Library/ e-learning centre

  • No vehicle days

  • Usage of bicycles, public transports and care sharing

  • Paperless office (ERP and digital notice board)

  • Plastic free campus

  • Plantation and landscaping

  • Use of electric powered vehicles

  • Use of eco-friendly material for various purposes

  • Creating awareness of environmental sustainability among the students and society

We intend to pursue a programme of continuous improvement in our procedures, practices and review the policy on a regular basis to evaluate continued relevance and to monitor compliance.

The institute will make all the necessary efforts to involve the students and faculty in green campus initiatives by designing the volunteers of the Nature club, Social activity club, NSS, cultural club and techno club with green campus initiatives slogans specially designed for the purpose.