Project Bandhan

Project Bandhan: Institute Social Responsibility & Extension Activity

(Well being and Happiness of Masses)

The Priority & Thrust:

“Bahujan Hitay, Bahujan Sukhay” which stands for Wellbeing and Happiness of Masses, is the motto of Maratha Vidya Prasarak Samaj Trust and as MVP Samaj’s KBT College of Engineering, Nashik which is one of the 488 educational units run by the MVP Samaj Trust, has provided tremendous priority and thrust in Institute Social Responsibility and Extension Activity. The “Project Bandhan” can aptly be considered as the result of this institutional priority and thrust towards contribution in the betterment of masses.

The Necessity:

The Melghat tribal area of the state of Maharashtra has been infamously known for the highest number of child deaths due to malnourishment. The tribals of Melghat have been residing in inaccessible regions for years together. Due to inadequate livelihood and limited means of living, they could not even think about the amenities we enjoy. However, they possess artistic sense and they have their own essence of art. They have their bonds of emotions with their artforms and they bear fabulous imagination. They have preserved and reared their art for generations. Bamboo Rakhi is one such medium to showcase their arts and create the bond of empowerment. In Absence of proper opportunity, their dexterity could not bring subsistence for them. Hence to provide such skilful men and women a work at their place, to give them proper remuneration for it and to exhibit their art in front of the world, the Institute in association with Sampoorna Bamboo Kendra Lavada, Melghat started a social project titled “Project Bandhan”. Conservation of environment, employment generation – thereby providing financial security and a holistic approach of skill development through active student participation is the key to success of Project Bandhan.

Project Bandhan Activity: Design & Execution

The Project Bandhan activity can be divided into 04-Phases namely:

  1. Awareness
  2. Business Activity
  3. Revenue Generation
  4. Follow-Up

The careful and systematic design of Project Bandhan helps the stakeholders to achieve the desirable objectives.

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