Nature and Social Activity Club

Club Coordinator: Mr. P. V. Joshi



The KBTCOE Nature Club and Social Activity Club is for environmental education, conservation and protection of biodiversity on the campus. It is the centre for nurturing of knowledge, enlisting the co-operation of volunteers and the inflow of new ideas and their implementation. Communing with nature is good for a student’s psychological and physical well-being. It can help reduce stress, improve concentration and increase time spent being physically active. KBTCOE nature clubs are one way to encourage students to spend some time outside; and there are numerous opportunities to make that time spent in nature entertaining and educational.

It aims to facilitate the development of skills for environmental protection, to promote environmental awareness among all sections of the society, to spread environment education, especially in the informal and creative manner among the younger generation.


1.Develop an awareness of and encourage an interest in the natural environment among its members/students and the community through meetings, talks, workshops, study groups, field trips, NSS camp and tree plantation.

2. Encourage the understanding of the natural environment among its members, students and the community by undertaking or supporting projects such as NSS camp.

3. Promote the establishment and maintenance of natural areas and nature reserves, conserve and protect species, communities and other natural features of interest, by study, investigation or management.

Club’s activity includes:

  • To sensitize, create awareness, motivate and educate students about environment conservation
  • Regular Tree plantation
  • Environmental Cleanliness
  • Bird watching visits
  • Swachh Godavari Abhiyan
  • Public Awareness Programs such as Traffic, Air pollution, Noise pollution, Water Save, Swachh Bharat Abhiyan
  • Nature Visits
  • Trekking
  • Nature Photo gallery
  • Cycling
  • Celebrations of different World Social Days etc.