ED & Start-Up cell

ED & Start-Up Cell

Institute has established ED and Start-up Cell in collaboration with Center for innovation, incubation and linkages (CIIL) SPPU, Pune for creating awareness about entrepreneurship/start up.

Objectives: The main objective of this cell is to train and motivate the students to become Job Creator rather than Job Seekers.

Other objectives include:

  1. To inculcate the entrepreneurial culture
  2. To conduct entrepreneurship awareness camps, entrepreneurship development programs, faculty development programs, skill development programs
  3. To assist in establishing industries of their own right from Product identification (PI), Market survey, Tools for market research, Preparation of project reports, assisting them in getting Technical feasibility reports
  4. To liaison and collaborate with various external agencies
  5. To motivate students to make their own career path and create awareness of self – financial schemes of various agencies
  6. To create awareness to faculty about self – employment by conducting entrepreneurship development programs through industrial visits
  7. To create the partnership with government and various organizations to support budding entrepreneurs and innovators
  8. To support feasible ideas of students through collaboration with CIIL, SPPU, Pune.

      DPPIT Govt of India Startup cell: Click Here

Cell structure:


Sr. No. Name of faculty Department Responsibility
1 Dr. A. A. Kapse Mechanical Engineering Coordinator
2 Prof. N. J. Salunke MBA Member
3 Prof. R. S.Thakare Mechanical Engineering Member
4 Prof. S. M. Waysal Civil Engineering Member
5 Dr. A. R. Kulkarni Instrumentation & Control Engineering Member
6 Prof. A. R. Chaudhari E & TC Engineering Member
7 Prof. S. P. Jadhav IT Engineering Member
8 Prof. S. T. Datir Computer Engineering Member

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