Central Library

Central Library

Total Area : 730.88 sq.mt.
Working Hours: 8.30am to 12.00 midnight
Sunday & Holidays: Open during exam period
Location: Building ‘A’, First Floor
Contact: 0253-2571439 Ext:124

The Central Library has excellent infrastructure and participates actively in the educational mission of the college through the collection and dissemination of information to meet the curricular and vocational needs of the students, faculty, and staff. Central Library system supports the teaching-learning and research activities conducted in the Institution. It is well equipped with books of all discipline having more than 40045Books and 13199Titles and reference books. It is also subscribed with international renowned databases like IEEE-ASPP, ASCE, ASME,J-Gate, DELNET, Knimbus- Digital Library E-Platform

All its operations are computerized using ERP software and provide access to the collection through OPAC. Library follows an open access system that allows users direct access to the library collection. Library implemented barcode technology for circulation. Knimbus e-Library platform for the repository and digital library is also available.

To be multidisciplinary, technologically enabled and state of art research oriented resource of information centre making users think innovatively, educationally and professionally sound.

We are committed to provide comprehensive access of information resources for teaching, learning and research activities of the institute through modern technology thereby contributing to the development of society.


Subscribed E-Resources: