Instrumentation and Control Department

gallery-infra9 Establishment Year :  1999

Intake: 40

Duration of Course: 4 Years

Location:Building ‘C’, Second Floor

Contact:0253-2571439 Ext:321


To be an accredited department of preferred choice among common masses in the multidisciplinary field of automation and control engineering.


  • To prepare competent professionals to meet current and future demands of industry, academia and society of multidisciplinary field of automation.
  • To strengthen collaboration with reputed industries and institute of global insight.
  • To inculcate spirit of research and entrepreneurship amongst the students.

Program Educational Objectives

  • Core competency in the multidisciplinary field of automation to cater to the industry and research needs.
  • Multi-disciplinary skills, team spirit and leadership qualities with professional
    ethics, to excel in professional career and/or higher studies in Instrumentation and Control Engineering.
  • Prepared to learn and apply contemporary technologies for addressing impending challenges for the benefit of organization/society.

Program Specific Outcomes

  • Students will have the ability to explore the design, installation & operation of the instrumentation and automation systems used in industries.
  • Students will have a strong foundation in mathematical, scientific & engineering fundamentals necessary to formulate, solve & analyze instrumentation problems related to industry & research.
  • Should have the capability to comprehend the technological advancements in the usage of modern design tools to analyze and design automation processes for a variety of applications.