UG/PG Downloads

UG Downloads

Project and Seminar Report
Project Report Template
Project Title and Certificate
Seminar Report Template
Seminar Title and Certificate


Time Table
Time Table 2022-23(SEM-I)
Time Table 2021-22(SEM-II)
 Time Table 2021-22(SEM-I)
Time Table 2021-22(SEM-II)
Time Table 2020-21(SEM-I)
Time Table 2020-21(SEM-II)
Time Table 2019-20(SEM-I)
Time Table 2019-20(SEM-II)
Time Table 2018-19(SEM-I)
Time Table 2018-19(SEM-II)
Time Table 2017-18(SEM-I)
Time Table 2017-18(SEM-II)
Academic Calendar
Academic Calendar 2022-23(SEM-I)
Academic Calendar 2021-22(SEM-II)
Academic Calendar 2021-22(SEM-I)
Academic Calendar 2020-21(SEM-I)
Academic Calendar 2020-21(SEM-II)
Academic Calendar 2019-20(SEM-I)
Academic Calendar 2019-20(SEM-II)
Academic Calendar 2018-19(SEM-I)
Academic Calendar 2018-19(SEM-II)
Academic Calendar 2017-18(SEM-I)
Academic Calendar 2017-18(SEM-II)
Honors Syllabus Architecture and Town Planning
TE Civil Syllabus (2019 Course)
BE Civil Syllabus (2015 Course)
TE Civil Syllabus (2015 Course)
SE Civil Syllabus (2019 Course)
SE Civil Syllabus (2015 Course)

PG Syllabus

ME Civil Syllabus (2017 Course)