Program Assessment Committee (PAC)

The Program Assessment Committee (PAC) has been formed for monitoring of Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering department activities.
The PAC consists of faculty members and technical staff of the department who periodically monitors the departmental activities and evaluates different parameters.

Composition: The present composition of the PAC is as follows.

Chairman: Dr. V. M. Birari (H.O.D) Department of E&TC Engineering.

Convener : Mr. A. P. Meshram, NBA member.

  1.  All the faculty members of the E&TC Engineering Department.
  2. All the technical staff of the E&TC Engineering Department.
  3. Ms. S. M. Jagtap, IQAC Member.
  4. Mr. B. S. Tarle, Computer Engineering Department.
  5. Dr. A. K. Patil, Instrumentation & Control Engineering Department.

Roles and responsibilities: The roles and responsibilities of the PAC are as follows.

  •  Monitoring the achievements of Program Outcomes (POs), Program Specific Outcomes (PSOs) and Program Educational Objectives (PEOs) and proposes necessary changes for the attainment of PEOs and POs.
  • Assessment data would be gathered and reported as per assessment cycle.
  • The committee will create an assessment cycle to ensure that all POs, PSOs are being assessed in a reasonable time period.
  • Review submitted assessment plans and reports and recommend revisions as appropriate.
  • Verify that assessment results have been used for programmatic improvements (close the loop).
  • To remain update about current and knowledgeable assessment tools, practices and guidelines.
  • Interact with students, faculty and other stakeholders in facilitating PEOs.
  • Track status and report of work assigned to individual & bring out in notice to DAB.