Computer Department

Establishment Year : 1999

Intake: 60

Duration of Course: 4 Years

Location: Building ‘B’, 2nd & 3rd Floor

Contact: 0253-2571439 Ext: 231


To be the center for excellence for training the world-class engineers to work with multidisciplinary domain based on the state-of-the-art of technology enabled academic system blended with industrial and business practices.


To educate and train undergraduate students in Computer Engineering by instilling excellence to fulfill professional and social requirements in business and industry on the platform of scientifically designed academic processes.

Program Educational Objectives

1.To prepare globally competent graduates having strong fundamentals and domain knowledge to provide effective solutions for engineering problems.
2.To prepare the graduates to work as a committed professionals with strong professional ethics and values, sense of responsibilities, understanding of legal, safety, health, societal, cultural and environmental issues.
3.To prepare committed and motivated graduates with research attitude, lifelong learning, investigative approach, and multidisciplinary thinking.
4.To prepare the graduates with strong managerial and communication skills to work effectively as individual as well as in teams.