Sr. No. Name of the Committee Member Details
1 Dr. Devane S. R. Principal & Chairman
2 Prof. N. B. Desale Vice Principal & Vice-Chairman
3 Dr. V. C. Shewale Convener
4 Mr. Sayaji Sonawane Industry Representative
5 Mr. K.N. Ingale Industry Representative
6 Mr. Vinod Patil Industry Representative
7 Dr. Kailas Chandratre Expert Academia
8 Mr. Abhinav Shinde Alumni Representative
9 Ms. Rupali Jathar Alumni Representative
10 Mr. Amit Bal Alumni Representative
11 Mr. Sudhir Patil Parent  Representative
12 Mr. R. B. Patil Parent  Representative
13 Dr. A. B. Kakade Staff  Representative
14 Dr. S. P. Mogal Staff Representative
15 Mr. Akash Misar Student  Representative
16 Akash Kardile Student  Representative
17 Shreya Pawar Student  Representative

Roles and responsibilities: The roles and responsibilities ofDAB are as follows.

  • Monitors academic plans of the department.
  • Guide and promote to the students for industry sponsored projects and training.
  • Plan activities to align PEO’s with mission statement of department.
  • Recommends activities to promote the industry institute interaction.