Program Assessment Committee

The Program Assessment Committee (PAC) has been formed for monitoring of MBA Departmental activities.
The PAC consists of faculty members and technical staff of the department who periodically monitors the departmental activities and evaluates different parameters.

Composition: The present composition of the PAC is as follows.

Chairman: Dr.D.T.Khairnar (H.O.D), Department of MBA.
Convener: N.J.Salunke, Assistant Professor, Department of MBA

1. All the faculty members of the MBA Department.

2. L.C.Sontakke ,IQAC Member of the MBA Department

4. Dr. K.T.Patil Assistant Professor, Department of Civil

5. R.V.Devalkar, Assistant Professor Department of Civil

Roles and responsibilities: The roles and responsibilities of PAC are as follows.

• Monitoring the achievements of Program Outcomes (POs), Program Educational Objectives (PEOs).

• Design and Revise Indirect assessment tools viz. Alumni Survey, Employer Survey and Exit form.

• Evaluating program effectiveness and proposing necessary changes.

• Preparing periodic reports on program activities, progress, status or other special reports for Management.

• Motivating the faculty and students towards attending workshops, developing projects, working models, paper
publications and engaging in research activities.

• Interacting with students facilitating the achievement of POs, PEOs.