HOD’s Desk




Dr. Deepak T. Khairnar


Ph. D. (Organizational Management), M.B.A.(Operations & Supply Chain Management), B.E. (Chemical Engineering)

Head of Master of Business Administration


Email Id: hod.mba@kbtcoe.org



The world has gone dynamic, the state has no more remained static and this change is beckoning the challenges as well as the opportunities. The progress of most nations over the last few decades has been acknowledged worldwide. India has progressed tremendously at unmatched continuous pace. Ever changing dynamics in the global business environment are compelling s to develop deep to identify newer and more creative ways of responding to technological breakthroughs, economic growth and current meltdown, shifts in customer behavior and dramatic changes in competition. Management colleges have to address these challenges by a multipronged approach including creating a learning ambience that fosters innovative thinking.

Changes in management theory and practices as well as external environment are likely to occur in the future. Our approach seeks to prepare students to be effective managers in the face of these changes. If you believe that successful management is based on genuine capabilities and profound knowledge, if you wish to go beyond success, and if you are confident that you are among the very best, then MVP Samaj’s KBT College of Engineering, Nashik is the place just for you.