Members of IQAC (AY 2023-24 to 2027-28)

S.N. Name Institute Designation IQAC Post
1. Dr. S. R. Devane Principal Chairperson
2. Dr. D. D. Lokhande Education Officer Member from Management
3. Dr. V. M. Birari Vice Principal Administrative Officer
4. Dr. S. P. Awate IQAC Coordinator Coordinator
5. Ms. S. J. Shinde Registrar Administrative Officer
6. Dr. S. R. Pachorkar NBA Coordinator and Dean (Faculty) Teacher
7. Mr. D. D. Kulkarni NAAC Committee Member Teacher
8. Dr. A. B. Kakade Dean (Alumni ) Teacher
9. Dr. A. R. Kulkarni Dean (III Cell) Teacher
10. Dr. S. B. Sonawane Dean (R & D) Teacher
11. Dr. U. V. Patil Dean (Academics) Teacher
12. Mr. B. J. Pawar Dean (Student Affairs) Teacher
13. Adv. Supriya P. Chumbhale Local Committee Member Nominee from Local Society
14. Mr. Pravin P.Shelke Alumni Alumni nominee
15. Ms. Nazia Rauab Ali Khan Student Student nominee
16. Mr. Dhananjay Pote Manager, Human Capital, Winjit Ltd. Nominee from employer
17. Dr. M. P. Kadam Department Co-ordinator Civil Engg. Teacher
Mr. M. B. Patil
18. Dr. V. S. Tidke Department Co-ordinator Computer Engg. Teacher
Ms. R. R. Shewale
19. Mr. A. P. Meshram Department Co-ordinator E&TC Engg. Teacher
Mr. V. R. Sonawane
20. Dr. S. M. Bhati Department Co-ordinator Engineering Science Teacher
Mr. D. P. Birar
21. Dr. S. P. Jadhav Department Co-ordinator  Information Technology Teacher
Ms. T. S. Pawar
22. Dr. Y. P. Patil Department Co-ordinator Instrumentation and Control Engg. Teacher
Dr. A. K. Patil
23. Dr. S. P. Mogal Department Co-ordinator Mechanical Engg. Teacher
Mr. V. V. Shinde
24. Mr. L. C. Sontakke Department Co-ordinator MBA Teacher
Dr. S. V. Bachhav
25. Mr. M. N. Adke TPO Administrative Officer
26. Mr. M. H. Chaudhari ERP Coordinator Administrative Officer