About ED Cell

Entrepreneurship Development Cell

Innovation is the most fundamental process supporting the economic growth of the community. However, this innovation process requires appropriate and significant support. Entrepreneurship and entrepreneurs have long been recognized as important sources of innovation, and thereby also of growth and employment. The significant rise in micro and small enterprise closure, in recent years, stark witness to these difficult conditions and highlight the need for development of entrepreneurs. To foster the culture of entrepreneurship in the institute Entrepreneurship Development Cell is established in NDMVPS’s KBT COE, Nashik.

Entrepreneurship is recognized as an important driver of economic growth of a country. Even Government of India has recognized the importance of entrepreneurship and has introduced programs like “Make in India” & “Start-up India”. The aim of Entrepreneurship Development Cell (EDC) is to develop and strengthen the entrepreneurial qualities in the budding professionals who are interested in starting their own ventures. The College provides infrastructure and technical support to the students having innovative ideas to transform into new products and services for the betterment of the society. The EDC also assists all the aspirants with mentoring, planning and execution of their start up idea into a real business. Hence an EDC was constituted in the college with a dedicated team of actively working faculty along with some student representatives. Aspiring engineer entrepreneurs are groomed with the necessary inputs on how to be a successful entrepreneur through workshops and seminars by eminent people from the industry. The cell also organizes different activities and events from time to time to train and motivate the students on entrepreneurship.