Innovative Teaching Method

Department of Information Technology

Innovative Teaching  Method

  Sr. No Staff Name Innovative Method


Mrs. R. R. Tajanpure

 1. Project Test Cases writing


Ms. T. S. Pawar

1. Evidence Based Learning


Ms. S. J. Suryawanshi

1. Case Study

2. Dramatic Presentation


Ms. S. S. Bhamre

1. Revised Yourself


Ms. U. S. Tambe

1. Revised Yourself

2. Studio based learning


Mrs. B. A. Ahire

1. Collaborative Problem Solving Method

2. Think Pair Share method


Mr. D. A. Birari

1. Group Discussion


Ms. N. R. Kakad

1. Presentation

2. Presentation

3. Laboratory Based Concept Learning


Dr. V.R. Sonawane

1. Literature Review

2. Case Study

3. Think Pair Share

Innovative Teaching Method

Staff website:

Sr. No. Name of Faculty Website
1 Dr. V.R. Sonawane Website–
2 Ms. R. R. Tajanpure Website-
3 Mrs. J .R. Suryavanshi  Website-
4 Mr. S. P. Jadhav Website-
5 Ms. D. R. Gatane Website-
6 Mrs. S. J. Suryavanshi Website-
7 Ms. U. S. Tambe Website-
8 Mr. Nitin S. Ujgare Website-
9 Mrs. B. A. Ahire Website-
10 Ms. N.R.Kakad Website- ttps://
11 Mr.Y.H.Palve Website-